2018: Nutritionist Luke Coutinho offers wellness mantras

2018: Nutritionist Luke Coutinho offers wellness mantras
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  • Apart from being a published author of the globally acclaimed book, ‘The Great Indian Diet ‘(with Shilpa Shetty) and ‘Eat Smart, Move More, Sleep Right – Your Personal Health Coach’ Luke Coutinho practices in the field of Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Exercise Physiologist and is a Speaker
  • If you no longer have the beach body enthusiasm to keep you going through the coming year, or you’re just plain burned out, these fitness resolutions mentioned below will be truly beneficial for lending your body and mind a healthy start.

It’s that time of the year when we sit back and reflect what was popular in 2017 and predict what will be trending in the world of fitness for the upcoming year.

We have been making many resolutions each passing year and most of these are promptly forgotten within just a month’s time, if not sooner.

However, if you set some concrete fitness goals for the upcoming year, there will be unquestionably nothing preventing you from following by your health resolutions diligently.

2018: Nutritionist Luke Coutinho offers wellness mantras
Luke Coutinho

Immunity: Is the first and last line of defence and the lack of it can predispose us to a number of ailments, be it diabetes or complex ones like cancer and autoimmunity. This can be brought about using nutrition, safe supplements and traditional practices

Steady meditation: Is the only key to achieving a healthy mind and fit body. It will help in lowering risks of high blood pressure, it reduces blood lactate levels and helps to reduce anxiety attacks.

Practice Yoga : Body flexibility, weight loss, peace of mind, glowing skin and all-round wellness – whatever you may be scouting for, yoga offers it all. It plays a major role in bonding the body, mind and breath.

It also lends you robust muscles and safeguards you from grave health issues like arthritis, back ache and help avert falls in elderly people.

Deep Breathing: This technique is the natural painkiller. It can discharge anxiety and offer other obvious health advantages.

Breathing exercises lend you a calm feeling along with a decrease in tension and blood pressure, reinforcement of belly and intestinal muscles and respite from body aches and pains. It further promotes better flow of blood, discharges body toxins and lends healthy sleep.