2017: Maharashtra witnesses a sharp rise in dengue cases

Experts have attributed the prolonged monsoon as a key cause in the rise of dengue cases. Pune, Mumbai and Nashik were the top three cities with the maximum number of cases

2017: Maharashtra witnesses a sharp rise in dengue cases

  • The year 2017 has witnessed more number of dengue cases that the previous two years. While 2016 had seen 6,792 cases, till November 2017, the year has already seen 6,894 dengue cases in the Maharashtra.
  • Experts are attributing the prolonged monsoon as the cause for rise in the total number of dengue cases, state officials claim to have taken vigorous measures for mosquito abatement throughout the year.
  • Beed, Kolhapur and Pune, top the list of districts with highest number of dengue cases, with the cases reported in these districts totalling, 415, 165 and 160 respectively.

The Pune Municipal Corporation has seen highest number of dengue cases with the total reaching up to 1,510. It is followed by Mumbai’s Municipal Corporation and Nashik’s Municipal Corporation, with the total dengue positive cases of 1,084 and 987 respectively.

In the year 2015, Maharashtra had registered 5,119 total cases. The following year had seen a rise with the total number increasing to 6,792.

But this year, till November, the data has already crossed the figures of 2016. While the last year had seen 33 dengue deaths, this year has seen 34 total dengue deaths.

Dr Mahendra Jagtap, state entomologist, said, “This year, the monsoon’s presence was witnessed for a longer period than usual. This then led to breeding of mosquitoes, leading to a rise in dengue cases. Around 5,000 cases were registered in urban areas, while around 1,800 cases were registered in rural areas. The peripheral areas have seen more number of dengue cases. More efforts were taken for mosquito abatement this year”