20 years later, he still struggles with cannabis ‘hangover’

Consuming cannabis can be a bad idea as it can be dangerous. Most of those who consume cannabis or alcohol even once in their lifetime believe that it is of no harm. However, this 40-year-old from Mumbai, is battling with the side-effects of cannabis, in spite of consuming it only once, that too twenty years ago

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Cannabis is infamous for its acute disease spreading properties such as cannabinoids. Acute anxiety, hallucinations, chest heaviness, schizophrenia and such ailments are known side-effects of consuming cannabis.

Occasional drinkers or smokers generally use the excuse about how intermittent consumption could not have serious side-effects. But, contrary to this belief, a 40-year-old Mumbai man has been fighting the effects of his cannabis consumption since twenty years. However, what has puzzled the doctors is that the man had consumed cannabis only once. But its effects are everlasting.

“When he first visited us, we thought it was a one-off case. But recently, another man came up with the same complaint. These somatic symptoms are nothing but side-effects of his consumption. This man was so petrified by the heaviness in his chest caused by cannabis, that he approached a dozen of doctors, but to no avail,” said Dr Sagar Karia, secretary of Bombay Psychiatric Association as well as consulting psychiatrist at Sion Hospital.

As of now, the man has been undergoing Electro-Convulsive Therapy’s (ECT) and seems to be better. “It is rare, but yes one can have those side-effects which it may trigger serious mental illness. Or in this case, he may have developed a mood disorder, secondary to cannabis use,” said Dr Milan Balakrishnan, consultant psychiatrist at JUNO.