20-year-old needs help, college mates step up

Everyone remembers their college days as this is the period when the memories are made. Same is for 20-year-old Gaurav Jaiswal, a S.Y. B. Com student in Kirti college in Mumbai. As he is diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anaemia and needs the bone marrow transplant, but due to lack of funds, his family is unable to carry out the procedure. Then, all of his collegemates chipped in. But still he has not reached the required amount

20-year-old needs help, college mates step up

College is the period when fond memories are made which will last us a lifetime. Everyone remembers the days they’ve spent in college. But for 20-year-old Gaurav Jaiswal, this period turned out to be so much more. Gaurav, is a S.Y. B. Com student at Kirti College in Mumbai.

He was diagnosed with severe aplastic anaemia and is currently admitted at Global Hospitals, Mumbai. He urgently needs a bone marrow transplant, but due to a paucity of funds, his family is unable to carry out the procedure.

Gaurav’s uncle, Ramashish Jaiswal, a Lalbaug resident and is the caretaker of Gaurav, shared his agony with My Medical Mantra.

He said, “Gaurav’s parents live in Jaunpur. I have raised him up along with his three siblings in Mumbai. Everything was going fine until this disease started haunting him. I am literally begging for the financial help.”

The amount required for the bone marrow transplant surgery is around Rs 30 lakhs.

For Gaurav’s uncle, who sells Pani Puris for a living, it is a daunting task to collect this much money. That is when, Gaurav’s college mates from Kirti College stepped forward to support the family.

20-year-old needs help, college mates step up

“We all donated some amount for his treatment. Students from all the streams and all the professors came together to help the family. Our prayers are with Gaurav and his family,” said Prof. Meena Ambavadekar from Kirti College.

Gaurav still can’t undergo the transplant due to a lack of funds. According to Dr Punit Jain, a Consultant Haematologist at Global Hospitals, he needs to undergo surgery as soon as possible.

“His condition is deteriorating by the day. I have made this clear to the family. But they don’t have enough funds, so the surgery is getting delayed. Also, he doesn’t have an exact match. His father is a half match and there are many risks involved in the surgery,” said Dr Jain.

Gaurav’s uncle is not leaving any stone unturned to raise this amount. “I have managed to gather Rs 10-12 lakh. I still have to go a long way to go. I am desperately trying to get help in every possible way,” said Ramashish.