Pune woman delivers a baby, despite being in coma for 85 days

A woman gave birth to a baby girl, after coming out of coma, in Pune’s Ruby Hall clinic. According to the doctor, the woman was in coma for 85 days. Doctors took care of her baby, while she is in coma. According to doctors, she was in the state of unconsciousness in the hospital. Her condition was critical. Owing to her strong will power, she came out of coma and gave birth to the baby


Pune woman delivers a baby, despite being in coma for 85 days

A woman delivered a baby in Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune. Yes, there is nothing surprising in that.  But, you will be shocked, if we tell you, that a woman who was in coma for 85 days, delivered a baby girl. Don’t be believe us? Read this…

After coming out of coma, the woman delivered a baby at Ruby Hall Clinic, yesterday evening. Dr RS Walia and Dr Sunita Tandulwadkar took care of the woman as well as her baby while she was in coma. Pragati’s successful delivery was possible due to the doctor’s efforts.

According to the information given by the doctors, Pragati Sadhwani had diabetes. Few months ago, she was admitted to the Ruby Hall clinic for its treatment. Suddenly her sugar level came down and she slipped into coma, which is known as hypoglycemia, in the medical terms.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra Sunita Tandulwadkar said, “It is a joyous moment or us. Even though, Pragati was in coma, we took care of her baby. Now, Pragati is a proud mother. While Pragati was in coma, we focused on developing her foetus properly. Now, Pragati is out of coma. Mother and baby, both are fine.”

Dr Walia said, “While Pragati was in coma, the biggest challenge was to take care of her baby. Baby gets nutrients through the mother’s body. Therefore, it was essential to give Pragati, all the necessary nutrients, needed for the baby. Pragati was unconscious when she came to us. But, babay’s all the tests were normal. That is why, it was important for us to take care of Pargati and her baby.”

Talking about this case, Dr Ramesh Bhosale, professor and unit head of obstetrics and gynaecology department at Sassoon General hospital said, “Due to long duration of treatment, there are chances of patient’s lungs getting affected. Some other internal systems of mother and baby might have affected too. But it is a case of rare recovery of patient.”

Dr Ashok Anand, head of department, gynaecologist, Sir JJ Group of hospitals said, “Often, due to medical reasons, pregnant women, and slip into coma. In such circumstances, after the delivery, the baby can be saved.  Such kind of case took place in abroad, in which, a woman was declared brain dead by the doctors. Still, doctors delivered the baby and saved it. So, such kinds of cases are rare.”

Similarly, Frankielen da Silva Zampoli Padilha, 21, from Campo Largo in south Brazil, died during pregnancy from a stroke. Doctors saved her nine-week-old embryos after their hearts continued to beat. The  brain dead pregnant woman was kept alive for 123 days – the longest time ever – before delivering twins by emergency cesarean section. They were born as healthy premature babies.