13-year-old on a mission ‘NO SMOKING’

At the age of 13, children aim to excel in studies and sports. But, Disha Tiwari who resides in Indore is working towards a noble cause. Her goal and vision is to make India free from the crutches of cigarette smoking


‘Cigarette smoking is injurious to your health’, is written on the cigarette packs as well as when we go to watch movies in the theatre. Often, we are warned about the ill effects like heart disease, stroke, cancer, lung cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) but we never pay attention towards it. But, 13-year-old, Disha Tiwari is striving from the age of five, to stop people from smoking as; she lost her grandfather due to cigarette smoking.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Disha said, “People know the ill effects of smoking. Still, they smoke. So, this query used to be always there in my mind. If someone smoked, I used to snatch away their cigarette and throw it. I made them understand that I lost my grandfather due to cigarette smoking and requested them to give it up.”

Disha Tiwari
Disha Tiwari

Since eight years, Disha is actively advocating her ‘No Smoking Mission’. Nearly 10,000 people have been attached to the ‘No Smoking’ mission. About 60 per cent of people have stopped smoking. She has also maintained a book which contains information of a person’s name, number and the assurance of not smoking. She regularly follows up with these people.

“Till now, two books have been finished. Those who have given up smoking due to my efforts have also joined me in my work, informed Disha.”

According to Amit Kochle, a 26-year-old, who works in a bank in Indore said, “Four years ago, Disha met me. I was smoking that time and she made me understand the consequences of it. She took my number and used to call me every month and ask whether I kicked off my smoking habit. After which, I quit smoking.”

Disha said, “Cigarette smoking is harmful for health. Even if you don’t smoke, tell your near and dear ones to stop smoking. This will help them to get rid of it.”