Cama Hospital doctor removes 12 kilo tumour from Mumbai woman’s uterus

Wadala resident Bilkish Mulla underwent a two-hour-long surgery wherein fibroid equivalent to weight of five newborn babies was removed

Bilkish Mulla

For a 38-year-old woman, her complaints of bloated stomach for a year turned out to be a fibroid, the weight of which was equal to that of five babies. Medical Superintendent Dr Rajashri Katke of Cama and Albless Hospital removed the 12kg tumour last week, relieving Bilkish Mulla of pain.

Bilkish, a Wadala resident, underwent a two-hour-long surgery and is all set to go home to usher into New Year with her family.

Katke said Bilkish had complaints of bloated stomach for last one year.

After visiting several doctors, clinics and hospitals, she approached Cama Hospital in November. They found she had a huge fibroid tumour in her uterus.

Katke, who operated on her, said, “When she approached me, she looked as if she was heavily pregnant. It was revealed in a CT scan and MRI that there was fibroid in her uterus, which weighed equal to the weight of five babies.”

Due to fibroid, Bilkis had complaints of heaviness in her abdomen, continuous heavy bleeding through vagina and frequent urination due to pressure on her bladder as well as breathlessness.

“The surgery was uneventful and we only required two units of blood, which was transfused during surgery,” added Katke.

The tumour is called a supergiant uterine fibroid and a part it was sent for pathological test, which revealed the tumour is non-cancerous.


Doctor also explained if fibroid tumour was not removed, it would have caused Bilkish kidney failure, continuous bleeding or various other diseases or she could have even died.

“It was challenging for us, but Bilkish is fit now and ready to get discharged. Earlier, 7kg and 10kg fibroid tumour were removed in Cama Hospital, but 12kg is heaviest among all,” Katke added.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Bilkish said, “I am glad that finally I will be going home and seeing my kids after being in hospital for over a month.”