Heart transplant: ‘Even your smallest contribution can help save my wife’

Pooja Pachange is suffering from a serious heart ailment and the only option for her survival is to have a heart transplant. But her family hails from a very poor background and they are struggling to gather the money required for her treatment. Her husband, Sachin makes an appeal to the people who can help him save his wife

Heart transplant: ‘Even your smallest contribution can help save my wife’

“On the day when doctors informed me, that I will have to undergo a heart transplant, I had become completely numb. My husband and I felt as if an earthquake had struck us. And within no time our dreams were shattered. We didn’t know what to do. Our world just crumbled in no time.”

Pooja Pachange, is a 25-year-old resident of Sangli, Maharashtra, who has been advised heart transplant by the doctors.  As we start our conversation, her grim voice was barely audible. Pooja said, “We are very poor, and can’t afford the treatment. So, we have begun crowdfunding. My humble appeal is to everyone, please help me, even your smallest contrition will be a big help for me.”

Pooja comes from a below poverty line (BPL) family, and her husband, Sachin, who runs a small pan shop, earns a mere 100 rupees per day. She has been diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy. Her heart functions at only 20 per cent and she urgently needs to undergo a heart transplant.

As awareness about organ donation in India is rising, the main question which remains unanswered is how to raise the funds, as heart transplant surgery is a costly affair.

Heart transplant: ‘Even your smallest contribution can help save my wife’

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Sachin said, “Doctors at Fortis hospital in Mumbai have informed us that only 20 per cent of her heart is functioning. And the total cost of the treatment would be around 20 lakhs rupees.”

Sachin further said, “We come from a very poor family. Doctors have told us to arrange for the funds. But, the only question which I keep thinking about is how to gather such a huge amount. My relative, Ret. Justice Shyamsundar Shisode, is helping me to gather funds. He has also informed me about crowdfunding. He is guiding me to meet a number of organisations, so that I can collect funds for my wife’s treatment.”

While speaking to My Medical Mantra about Pooja’s health, Ret. Justice Shyamsundar Shisode said, “Pooja’s health is fragile since the beginning. I have accompanied Sachin and Pooja to KEM Hospital. I have informed them about the seriousness of the situation. We are trying to help Pooja in whatsoever form we can. This is the beginning of crowdfunding.”

Sachin added saying, “In the coming days, I will be returning to Mumbai. I shall visit all the NGO’s and organisations, from where I can arrange for funds. I have started crowdfunding and have approached family, friends and through My Medical Mantra, also to the unknown people who would want to help us.”

“Even your smallest contribution would help me save my wife,” says Sachin with a very heavy voice.

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