1 in every 8 Mumbaikar has cancer, reveals latest study

Latest data released by the Indian Cancer Society says in 2014, Mumbai witnessed 13,564 new cases, which is a 12% increase in four years from 2010 to 2014. The data was collected from 137 city hospitals

According to latest cancer data released by the Indian Cancer Society, a Mumbai-based cancer registry, there is a marginal increase in cancer cases in Mumbai.

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In 2014, Mumbai witnessed 13,564 new cases, which shows a marginal increase of 12% from 2010. The data, which was collected from 137 city hospital, states that one in every eight person has cancer.

“There is a marginal increase in cancer cases; 50% cancers occur in above 60 years of age and 40% of cancers occur above 65 years,” said Dr Vinay Deshmane, Medical Director of Indian Cancer Society (Mumbai), at the press conference held on Monday (January 30).

He said there are no specific factors responsible for increasing cancer cases, but there are multi-factors responsible for it.

“Vast numbers of cancer cases are due to the changing environment and also due to aging problem,” Deshmane added.

Among the 13,564 cases detected in 2014, 15.6% were breast cancer cases, making it the most prevalent cancer in the city. It was followed by lung cancer (7.8%), mouth cancer (6.2%), liver cancer (4.5%) and prostate cancer (3.8%).

Deshmane said the study observed that there is not much difference in proportion of cancer in men and women. Of the 13,564 cases, 49% were men and 51% were women, whereas 1.5% was cancer in children. The proportion of tobacco related cancers contributes 40% among men and 16 % in women.

In the age group of 18-21 years, leukaemia – which is the cancer of blood cells – is leading in both men and women.

While cases of oesophageal cancercancer of the tube that runs from throat to stomach – and stomach cancer have been declining, liver and pancreatic cancer have been on a rise.

“As it is said, prevention is better than cure, people should live healthy life. Early detection, proper diet and exercise are the ways to live life,” said Deshmane.

Cancer in women

In women, breast and ovarian cancer is on the rise, while cervical cancer has seen a dip.

  • 9% women were detected with breast cancer
  • 8% were detected with ovarian cancer
  • 3% were detected with lung cancer
  • 8% women are detected with Corpus Uteri – a cancer which emerges from tissue of the uterus – and is the least detected cancer.

Cancer in men

It is observed that mouth, lung, liver, prostate cancer is increasing in men.

10.4% men were detected with lung cancer, which is more than women
9.6% were detected with mouth cancer
7.8% were detected with prostate cancer
6.3% were detected with liver cancer
5.2% were detected with lymphoma cancer – a form of cancer which affects immune system